Oil Change Special

We offer Oil Changes starting at $49.95 for most vehicles.

Service includes oil filter, 5 liters of conventional oil (not synthetic) and labor.

Larger sized engines may require more than 5 liters of oil. (extra cost)

Offer does not apply to synthetic oils.

We use Shell, Mobil1 and Liqui Moly engine oils and Wix brand filters.

Service also includes multi-point vehicle inspection, tire pressure and light check.

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Tires - Free mount and balance*

Why are tires so important? - Because tires are your car's only contact to the road. No matter how well maintained your car is, if the quality or condition of your tires is inferior you are compromising your safety. Your vehicle depends on its tires to stop, steer and maintain control on the road.

When it comes to tires one of the most important things is proper tire inflation. Keeping your tires properly inflated has many benefits. Your tires will wear evenly, which prolongs their life and can improve your vehicles safety and fuel economy.

An over inflated tire will cause unwanted center wear, reduced traction, increased stopping distance and a decrease in ride comfort. An under inflated tire will also cause unwanted tire wear such as outside edge wear. In the worst case scenario, low tire prssure can lead to complete tire failure. Too low of a tire pressure can cause side wall damage as well as reduced traction and handling.

For this reason we highly recommend you check your pressures once every month or before every major road trips. Checking for abnormal wear or any obvious damage is also very important.

* When you purchanse a set of four matching tires from us you receive free mounting and balancing. Service also includes removal and install of mounted wheels on the vehicle. Some vehicles equipped with a tire pressure monitor system may require reprogramming of sensors. Price of conventional valve stems not included in price of tires. This offer is available both online or in store. For an accurate tire quote please dont hesitate to contact us.

$20/tire Mount and Balance customer supplied tires 50 profile and higher, 20'' and smaller

$30/tire Mount and Balance customer supplied tires 50 profile and lower, 18'' and bigger

    Things to check regarding your tires:

  • Center and outside edge tire wear are both idicators of improper tire inflation
  • Bulging or irregular wearing of the entire width and circumference of the tire are indicators of a tire failure or a potential alignment issue
  • Steering wheel shimmy at any speeds is typically an indicator of unbalanced tires and when felt at slower speeds it can mean a separated / failing tire

If you notice any of the above mentioned conditions have your tires checked by a professional.


Alignment Special - $30 Check*

Save money on gas. Save money on tires.

Protect your tire investment by ensuring your alignment is within specification and that it will not cause premature wear.

Do you own a lifted truck or lowered car? Our aligner is capable of accomodating a wide range of vehicles. If it fits on our rack, we can align it! Hit the road safely and comfortably by performing an alignment on our brand new 3D alignment machine.

* Alignment check and report: $30 +tax, 4 Wheel Alignments starting at $139.95 +tax This offer is available both online and in store. Contact us to inquire about all your alignment needs. Checking fee voided if alignment is performed. Some vehicle equipped with a steering angle sensor require a re-learn procedure (extra cost)

$165.95 +tax Performance Alignment for lowered vehicles running high camber

    Noticing any of these symptoms:

  • Off-center steering wheel position
  • Vehicle pull or wandering while driving
  • Ueven or abnormal tire wear

If you have any concerns with your wheel alignment don't hesitate to give us a call.